@MIT series is a group of articles being written to describe my learning path attending to the Cloud & DevOps: Continuous Transformation at the MIT.

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The DevOps revolution: importance of continuous feedback, data-driven decisions, pillars of DevOps and metrics

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Today, software development is no longer characterized by designers throwing their software ‘over-the-wall’ to testers repeating the process with software operations. These roles are now disappearing: today software engineers design, develop, test and deploy their software by leveraging powerful Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) tools

MIT — Cloud & DevOps — Continuous Transformation course — 2020

The content

DevOps key metrics to be watched:

Importance of information flow. Companies have to foster an environment of continuous feedback and empowerment. It allows everybody to solve problems and suggest innovation within their area of work.

Data-driven decision making

Pillars of well designed DevOps:

A good example of a well-designed pipeline abstraction:

There are companies that are up to 400x times faster on having an idea and deploying it to production than traditional organizations.

Several analogies between Toyota Production system and cases (below) and DevOps:

Theory of Constraints:

Lean Engineering:

DevOps is also about culture. Ron Westrum’s categories for culture evolution:

Typical CI Pipeline:

Exercises and Assignments


All the resources used to reach the results above are stored in this GitHub repository: https://github.com/guisesterheim/MITCloudAndDevOps

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