This article at a glance — TL;DR

The content

  1. The dark age: undergoing painful moments to run your app on a new machine (probably using more time to run the app than actually writing it).
  2. Virtualizing (using VMs) to run our apps, but having the trade-off of VMs’ slowness.
  3. Containers — They are a lightweight solution that allows us to write our code in any operating system and then rerun it easily in another operating system.
  • Virtual Machines = Applications + Libraries + Operating System.
  • Docker = Applications + Libraries.
  • Less work for DevOps teams.
  • Easy to collect metrics.
  • Automation of several tasks like metrics collecting, scaling, monitoring, etc.
  • More and more needed interaction machine-to-machine requires more sophisticated methods of authentication rather than user and password.
  • Private and public keys are used to hash and encrypt/decrypt messages and communications.

Exercises and Assignments

  1. Build a docker image
  2. Publish it to dockerhub.com
  3. Run a local ghost blog using docker
  4. Publish a sample post




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