4 Books you Should Read to Become a DevOps Engineer

The DevOps Handbook

This is the best and therefore most important of them. It has a great balance between theory and actual practices that you can start applying to your job right now. It approaches all the important concepts for the DevOps world like resiliency, self-healing and reliability, and does so showing important examples. Tactics like continuous testing (with many different layers of test), blue/green deployment, central codebase (committing into trunk!) are some of the key concepts that this book is gonna convince you to use.


This is the quickest of them. It's gonna walk you through the metrics you want to collect and keep improving to measure if your DevOps initiative is succeeding or still need some adjustments. It's a complete dive over the metrics and why each one of them matter and also how to start improving them all. You're gonna see this same metrics on The DevOps Handbook, but in a more high level.

The Phoenix Project

This is a novel, so don't expect much code. It's also the second most important for you both if you're a manager or an engineer. It talks more about the responsibilities, pitfalls and relationship with people that eventually are gonna happen during a DevOps transformation.

Site Reliability Engineering

This is the one that's gonna go deeper of them all. This book was written by Google and former Google engineers on how they've created the Site Reliability Engineer role, what it is, its responsibilities. It's a deep dive on the SRE role with tactics on being on-call, load balancing, orchestrating services, security, and there's even some tips for hardware purchasing forecast! With its chapters being well divided into subjects, this also works fine if you're having a specific problem and want to see a good point of view from somebody else. Then you can go straight to the chapter with information you're missing and learn quicker than reading all of the 500+ pages.



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