17 criteria to choose a cloud service provider for your company

1 — Define the goals for the cloud journey

  • Overall company speed — essential for keeping competitive time to market.
  • Teams autonomy — one more important move to keep time-to-market as fast as possible and to foster DevOps adoption.
  • Cost savings — use the cloud benefit of the pay-as-you-go.
  • Enable software scalability — some of the products still suffer from on-prem challenges to scale.
  • Security — improve security while handing over a few of the key concerns to the cloud provider.
  • Better infrastructure costs management
  • Keep auditing key aspects valid — eg.: PCI compliant.

2 — The spreadsheet

3 — Define the criteria list

2.1. Cost

2.2. Feature count

2.3. Oracle migration ease

2.4. Available SDKs

2.5. DDoS protection

2.6. Security overall

2.7. Machine Learning and Data Science features

2.8. Community

2.9. Professionals availability

2.10. Professionals cost

2.11. Companies already present in each cloud

2.12. Internal team knowledge

2.13. Auditing capabilities

2.14. Cloud migration products

4 — Conclusion



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